A personal touch for home and office.

Small and individual, name signs can give a personal touch to any environment. Custom enamel signage not only provides information, it can act as a cohesive decorative element. Our glossy and traditionally crafted enamel nameplates are suitable for both exteriors and interiors. Often mounted on doors, mailboxes, and in entranceways, custom porcelain enameled nameplates are the perfect finishing detail.

The exterior.

The tradition of naming a house or property spans the globe; in North America porcelain enamel signs are often used to indicate the name of a residence or country cottage. Our personalized enamel name signs are available in range of sizes and can comfortably fit a family name, a house name, or other text that is specific to a dwelling or property. Our larger format signs are suitable for lawn or garden signs, such as a private property sign.

The interior.

In the home, a name sign in the foyer or study can enhance the space. In the office, door signs and desk name plates not only help pinpoint where individuals sit, they also personalize the environment. Office name plates are commonly used by doctors, lawyers, and teachers. Unlike metals like aluminum and brass, our signs will not tarnish or lose their luster.


Why a nameplate can be so expressive.

If you are interested in durable, beautiful nameplate for your home or business, Ramsign has a wide variety of beautiful and durable designs to choose from. It will be easy to find a size, style and color that will suit your needs and style perfectly.

Therefore you can personalize your sign in order to suit perfectly to your house or flat.

With our products, you buy quality. And this is visible not only to your visitors, but basically to everyone who is passing by your new nameplate.

You may want to think about size first when choosing your sign. How far from the road does your home sit? A general rule of thumb when choosing signs for a home or business is that the farther away the building is the larger the sign should be.

Nameplates and design considerations.

If your home or business is located near a busy road, a larger nameplate that is easier to read may be a better choice. This is because you may have a very limited amount of time in which to attract notice. This is a consideration which may contribute to the success of your business.

When choosing a nameplate, it is important to consider the overall color scheme that the exterior of your home has. You want to make sure that a porcelain enamel nameplate will work with other exterior elements of your home. You need to remember that if the exterior of your home has a lot of different elements going at the same time you need to balance this by choosing an enamel name plate that has a background which is plainer.

If your home has a design which is traditional a modern sign would look out of place. A plain sign with a modern style of type may look odd and it can detract from the impression your home will give out. When choosing a nameplate for a building with a traditional exterior, a type style that uses serifs is best since these tend to look more traditional. A serif is a small addition to certain areas of a letter or number. One style of type that has serifs is Bodoni. This would look beautiful on a building with a traditional exterior. A modern style of lettering that does not use serifs is Helvetica. This style of type could fit well on a modern building.

The design of an enamel nameplate may also include trim. This is an area of enamel that has been created using a contrasting color. It is possible to get nameplates with single or double trims. It is also possible to get name plates that do not have any trim at all. A nameplate with no trim is much plainer and more modern looking and would suit a more modern exterior best. A more traditional nameplate would look best on traditional exteriors.

RAMSIGN stands for quality.

The quality of porcelain enamel signs made by RAMSIGN is known to withstand extreme conditions, scratching and impact. Enamel nameplates are known to last for centuries, without any maintenance, and without losing their glossiness and vivid colours.

Our nameplate collections.

For over twenty-five years, we been specializing in the fabrication of weatherproof porcelain enamel nameplates and custom signs. Our nameplate collections were expertly created with an understanding of the ideal dimensions and color combinations for small and medium-sized signage. Designed to complement our decorative house numbers and address plaques, they make an excellent housewarming gift.


Styled after the traditional European blue and white porcelain enamel signs, Metropolitan nameplates defines our classic collection.


Framed with decorative double trim, our white Highlander nameplates mix high gloss with elegant lines.


Named after the Danish architect and designer Knud V. Engelhardt, our black Engelhardt nameplates use the original chunky typeface he designed in 1927.


We designed our forest green Arrowhead nameplates to complement rustic architecture.


Inspired by the North Jutland region in Denmark, our rust-red and white Lighthouse nameplates add a subdued, yet colorful accent.